SUSI Payment Schedule for 2024 and SUSI Eligibility Conditions 2024

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Let me start by explaining what the SUSI grant program is to all of you. Thus, let us clarify for you in this context that Brazil offers Uruguayan, Argentinean, and Chilean student leaders a significant chance to engage with American universities. The primary focus of this program will be on economic development and entrepreneurship in 2024. October 6, 2023, was the deadline for applying for SUSI 2024. Payment dates for SUSI are set for February and March of 2024. To find out the status of your SUSI Grant Payment 2024, go to the official SUSI website at

SUSI Payment Dates

We would like to clarify that the grant program administered by SUSI will remain open to various categories of participants for about four weeks. Regarding involvement, you will receive academic residency, discussion, group leadership, and word leadership here. There will be development meetings, first community service, and a range of cultural events.
A one-week study that is optional will be used to complete all of this under the SUSI payment dates of 2024. Details are available on the SUSI website,

SUSI  payment

SUSI Payment dates 2024 Overview

SUSI Grants Payment Date 2024

Higher Education Students:-

Name of Month SUSI Grants Payment Date 2024SUSI Grants Payment Day 2024
September September 14, 2023Thursday 
October October 12, 2023Thursday 
November November 9, 2023Thursday 
December December 14, 2023Thursday 
January January 11, 2024Thursday 
February February 15, 2024Thursday 
March March 14, 2024Thursday 
April April 11, 2024Thursday 
Topic SUSI Payment Dates
SUSI 2024 application last date06 October 2023
SUSI Payment dates 2024 program February and March 2024
Total max. participants for SUSI 2024 program per institution 20
Age limit18 to 25 years

Eligibility Requirements for SUSI 2024

Should you wish to be eligible for the SUSI grant program, you must fulfill the particular requirements listed below.

  • To begin with, you should be limited to a maximum age of 25 years old.
  • Second, after completing your SUSI program, you have to be determined to go back to your local university.
  • SUSI 2024 eligibility requirements: You have to be enrolled in a Chilean higher education program right now.
  • You ought to possess fantastic qualities like independence and receptivity.

How to Receive SUSI Payment Dates in 2024

  • You will first need to confirm the award, for which you will receive a letter to that effect.
  • The participants will receive the grant renewal letter for the award in this manner.
  • The participants will next need to make sure they are enrolled in their new colleges.
  • In addition, there will be a verification process carried out by the college; for this, confirmation needs to be obtained no later than one week before to SUSI Payment Dates 2024, and you should have your attendance checked on a regular basis during the academic year. In response to your inquiry on “How to Receive SUSI Payment Dates 2024,” you must first visit SUSI’s student portal, provide your bank information, and confirm that they allow electronic payment transfers.
  • Whether or not the Euro account is open, active, and single.
  • You can check with the banking institution if you are unsure.
  • The participant will need to resubmit all of his bank information in order for the payment to be processed if he has already received the payment for the prior year and has submitted a new application.

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